From the desk of the WPWM

September 2016

Memories of Holidays

After a busy seven months, we were ready for holidays with our children. It also gave us the opportunity to join with the corps family of Burgdorf where two of our girls and their families worship.

During this time, two special events took place. The first one started four years ago, with the intention of making the Army known in town and especially to get new families to join the corps. Last year, through this effort, new children joined the group of the Salvation Army Royal Rangers. The day of the fete, the sun was missing; it was a grey with some drizzling rain. This did not stop many families from the community to come and enjoy all that was on offer: pony rides, grilling of sausages, cooking of bread on the fire, different games, food, drink, face painting, puppets’ theatre for the children with the band and the timbrels on duty during the day! Lots of conversation and contacts took place and we pray that some children/families will join the corps. This is an excellent initiative to reach out to the community.

On the last Sunday of our holiday, the meeting took place in a farm. Every last Sunday of August, a farmer and his wife from the Burgdorf Corps, make their barn available for the meeting. The day starts with a delicious breakfast to which everybody contributes something. Children enjoy it as there is plenty of food and lots of things to do and discover. To have cows looking in through the barrier and to hear the sound of the bells from the animals, is not a traditional setting to praise the Lord as a corps family, nonetheless it is an ideal place to worship God and to feel nearer his creation! This initiative is very good for fellowship and to invite people to come. Definitively, it was a good way to start the day and a good way to finish our holiday!


Commissioner Silvia Cox