From the desk of the WPWM

October/November 2016

Our God is a wonderful God

Going back to the Southern Africa Territory was a special treat for us as we had served there as territorial leaders for three and a half years. The joy of meeting friends and also the chance to witness the progress and growth of the territory exceeded all we could have hoped for. Really, the Lord is good and ‘great is his faithfulness’. The theme for the congress meetings was ‘Rejuvenation’ with a clear call to Salvationists to reclaim, to revive, to restore and to renew their commitment to the Lord. 

Two testimonies heard during the congress particularly touched my heart. The first one during the family meeting on Saturday was given by a junior soldier. His enthusiasm and passion for the Lord, his knowledge of the Bible, his faith and trust in God, was a confirmation that God can speak through the lips of a child. To become a junior soldier was a choice he had made and he urged everybody to make the right choice in life. He stirred many hearts with his powerful witness on that morning!

The second instance was the testimony of a young woman during the women’s rally. First we watched a video describing the difficult journey she had been through. Having been abused from a young age she experienced suffering and feelings of worthlessness until she met with Jesus, the great healer, and found peace and joy again. Then she came onto the platform in uniform testifying to the saving grace of the Lord. This was a strong moment, a visible testimony of what God can do in the life of a young woman and the proof that it’s possible to be transformed and find peace and healing in Christ.

We felt the presence of the Lord during this weekend and God answered the prayers of many people in a way that surpassed more than we could have imagined or hoped for! To God be all the glory.


Commissioner Silvia Cox