From the Desk of the WPWM

November 2015

Congress in our own territory

Returning to your own country as the guest speakers at a congress can be a daunting experience. We left Switzerland more than 10 years ago to go to the Finland and Estonia Territory as territorial leaders, and so it was with some apprehension that we prepared for the recent congress in Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory. We were grateful for all the prayer support.

Going back home was first of all a humbling experience and we relied even more on God, but it was also a pleasure to see so many friends and family members. A special joy was to meet people from the two corps where we served as corps officers, some of whom came especially to see us. A spirit of joy and expectation could be felt during the weekend. This was a unique and special occasion.


God’s answer to our prayers was more than we had dreamed of and his spirit could be felt during the weekend commencing with the officers’ meetings. Our hearts rejoiced at the sight of many people of all generations who came, with every available seat being used.

Even with a full programme, it was an opportunity of sharing in fellowship, worship and to listen to God.

We left having been touched and moved by the presence and stirring of the Holy Spirit, and were thankful to God for the Salvationists in Switzerland who are ready to be mobilised to answer the challenges of our world. 










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