From the desk of the WPWM

June 2017

As we travel, I am always fascinated by the variety of places we are privileged to visit. Even when we have found ourselves in different surroundings, different cultures, or wearing different uniforms, we feel at home with our brothers and sisters in Christ and always know that we are in an Army meeting. Something unites us around the world!

I am always interested to see how people pray to God. In my culture, we often sit to pray and close our eyes, and some might choose to kneel.

In one of our earlier visits, during the prayer time I observed the many different ways and positions that people use to pray and be in God’s presence.  For example, there were times when the whole congregation was invited to stand with both hands raised, praying and praising God. At other times we remained seated and closed our eyes. At yet other times people were invited to pray at the mercy seat.

Sometimes it was almost overwhelming to see the many people wanting to go forward to pray, so much so that we experienced a prayer ‘traffic jam’ with people waiting for ushers to help them to find a place at the front of the hall. The old, the young – children and parents – all came forward.  Others would lie down, prostrating themselves before the Lord.

For me it was a unique experience to see how people responded to the moving of the Spirit! The most marvellous thing to know is that no matter how people choose to pray, if done sincerely we will encounter the risen Christ!

Commissioner Silvia Cox