From the desk of the WPWM

July/August 2017

On a Special Mission

The Canada and Bermuda Territory congress was held in St John’s, Newfoundland! It was a super congress and the glory of God crowned the mercy seat. We give all the glory to him.

At this congress, they also had a way to keep the children interested during the long meetings. They could become secret agents! They had to register, have their fingerprints taken in order to obtain security clearance so that they could become secret agents. They studied a video that explained how the material worked and what they had to do. An identification card and a top-secret folder with earphones plus other items necessary were provided for their mission. Finally they had to go and sit with the adults in the main auditorium and were told to put on their earphones and listen to the mission headquarter commander and do what they were told!

During the meeting, they were looking for clues, finding secret messages and other things all related to the meeting! The mission commander would also explain what was happening during the meeting! It was so great to see the children interested and busy and very involved! In the final congress meeting, it was moving to witness the children fetching their parents and coming to pray at the mercy seat when the General was making the appeal from the platform!

Our hearts were full of thanks to the Lord and for the creativity of the Canada & Bermuda youth department! 

Commissioner Silvia Cox