From the desk of the WPWM

February/March 2017

A dream

One of the latest countries that we visited was Mali. The Salvation Army is only 10 years old and growing. We found a much bigger Salvation Army than we thought. How the work started is most interesting and shows the different ways that God uses to make his will known to mankind. We met the man who started the work in Mali, Captain André Mérè-Bara Togo. He first knew nothing about The Salvation Army; he was a pastor with his own church. One day he had a dream/vision and saw thousands of people with a white uniform blowing trumpets and saying: ‘people, repent because we are coming to you with the Kingdom of God.’ His mother who was with him in the dream told him: ‘you need to join these people’. ‘It is impossible,’ he answered,’ I don’t know them’. ‘Don’t worry the mother replied just go! When he woke up, he realised that God had spoken to him and from then tried to find if these people really existed. With the help of the Internet and some research, he discovered that The Salvation Army has Soldiers wearing white uniforms and using the trumpet and bands. This convinced him that his dream was from God and from that time on tried to bring the Army to Mali. To cut a long story short, he was successful and the Army started. Later on, he went with his wife Fatouma to Congo Kinshasa to be trained as Officers. After some years in Zimbabwe, they have now been serving in Burkino Faso for over a year. Here is a resume of the story of the the Army in Mali which is only the fruit of the divine inspiration of God. To fulfil his plan, God uses men/women through whom he materializes his plan, and exercises his sovereignty in the lives of those whom he uses as an instrument for the glory of his name. Let us be faithful and obedient to God’s voice! 

Commissioner Silvia Cox