From the desk of the WPWM

April/May 2017

Manila promenadeIn April we went to the Philippines for the 80th anniversary celebration congress in Manila. 

We were extremely well received and we met many young committed and energetic Salvationists! We were impressed by their singing and talents. The weather was nice too, very hot during the day. We were fortunate to have a comfortable room in a good hotel. Our room had a view on the sea overlooking the promenade. It seemed traffic never stopped.

When I opened the curtains on the first day, I saw a lovely empty promenade as it was already hot! I enjoyed the view! The next day we had to leave early. When I looked through the window, I could see many people on the promenade. Looking closely I realised that it was a group of people sleeping outside! This was a shocking reality! As we were sleeping in comfortable beds, many people were sleeping outside on the grass! I had seen people sleeping rough before but it was the first time that they were sleeping in front of my window!

This was a shocking experience that made me think again at what we are doing. I was happy to then hear testimonies during the congress of women who had seen their life changed, to go and see programmes where vulnerable children like the ones I saw from my window are cared for and given a hope and a future! 

This might seem to be just like a drop in the ocean but each life counts and for them we need to continue to fight. 


Commissioner Silvia Cox