From the desk of the WPWM

September 2017

Madagascar: the 128th addition to the Salvation Army family

Every two or three years, the Women Leaders Conference of Africa meets for a time of fellowship, reflexion, refreshment and teaching, I always enjoy meeting with the women of Africa and this was my third conference, twice as a delegate and now as part of the leadership team. The conference was held in Madagascar which is the fourth largest island in the world and well known for species of lemur found only on the island. However, we did not see any lemurs because were not visiting as tourists, the attraction for us was to see Madagascar, the latest addition to The Salvation Army family which is overseen by the Zimbabwe Territory.

Having never been to this beautiful island, I landed in Antananarivo with great expectation and immediately I could see the poverty of the people with beggars at the door of our car every time the traffic stopped.

On the last day of our stay, we conducted a meeting at Alakamisy,a new opening in Antananarivo Province, which gave us the opportunity to meet and share fellowship with Salvationists and friends. We found a growing Army with soldiers and recruits and rejoiced to hear testimonies of transformation and of deliverance from the addiction of drugs and alcohol. Many young women and children demonstrated the possibilities for further dynamic growth. The Army is moving forward in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus!

Commissioner Silvia Cox