From the desk of the WPWM

October 2017

The Power of Prayer 

Having experienced the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Congo Brazzaville Territory, I was once again reminded of the power of prayer. The great event had been bathed in prayer and God answered plentifully as large numbers of people arrived, far more than expected!  Some of the 12,000 had made long journeys to reach Brazzaville. Joy was evident and the Holy Spirit moved freely in his people. The weather was good and everything went well.

As always, I loved to see the timbrelists playing and was touched to hear about the prayer march involving timbrel brigades from two divisions organised by the Women's Ministries. Many people registered for the march and paid the registration fees. Refreshments were organised on arrival. They started the march from opposite sides of the town, each division covering half the town in prayer as they walked, sang, prayed and played their timbrels led by both divisional bands and flags!

The police were there to help as it was Saturday and a busy time in town. The two groups arranged to arrive together at the 50th anniversary hall where they prayed for the congress and other needs and finished with fellowship around some food. Two vehicles had followed the marches in case some people were unable to complete the walk. However, young and older all finished and nobody used the vehicle! It was such a great success that they want to do it again next year. God had definitively answered their prayers in blessing the wonderful congress. 

Commissioner Silvia Cox