From the desk of the WPWM

November 2017

Czech RepublicRecently we experienced the contrast between The Salvation Army in the Netherlands, which has had a presence in the country for 130 years, with that of the Czech Republic, where the Army has worked for the past 27 years and Slovakia where the work commenced only 2 years ago. After many years in the Netherlands, the Army is well respected, with a strong social presence. We made history as we spoke at the first leaders’ day attended by more than 200 people. For the first time lay leaders from some of the social expressions joined with officers for the day.

On the Saturday evening, we enjoyed a Gospel Arts celebration concert with well-established and vibrant musical sections representing people of all ages.

The Sunday meeting in the Czech Republic was quite different, there was a smaller congregation and the children’s singing group delighted us with their singing! Although there were no traditional music sections, there was still a vibrant Army expression. Roma people from Slovakia arrived in two buses to join us for the joyful celebration. Hearing the testimonies of lives transformed was a good reminder of the power of God working, especially among the Roma people. The Lord is doing marvellous miracles, restoring dignity in the lives of many whom society despises, rejects, and ignores. Their hearts are open and tender to the voice of God and there was a beautiful response after the message.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity again to be witnessing his blessings and power.

Commissioner Silvia Cox