When the Founder visited Japan in 1907, he dispatched Commissioner George Scott Railton to survey prospects on the Korean peninsula. In October 1908 Colonel and Mrs Robert Hoggard (n�e Annie Johns) arrived with a group of officers to ‘open fire’ in Seoul. During the Korean conflict (following 1950) one Korean officer was martyred, one killed and two have been listed as missing.

Territorial Headquarters: The Salvation Army Building, 476 Choong Chung Ro 3-ga, Sudaemun gu, Seoul, 120-837 Republic of Korea

Postal address:
    The Salvation Army
    Central PO Box 1192
    Seoul 100-709
    Republic of Korea

tel: [82] (2) 6364 4000
fax: [82] (2) 6364 4010
email: korea@kor.salvationarmy.org

Country included in the territory: Republic of Korea (South Korea), Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Mongolia

Language in which the gospel is preached: Korean

Periodicals: Corps Cadet Lessons, Corps Cell Group Study Manual, Daily Home Bible Studies for Salvationist Families, Home League Programme Helps, Loving Hands Sponsorship Magazine, Summer Bible School Lessons, The Officer, The War Cry, Young People’s Company Lessons