DRR deals with prevention, preparedness and mitigation. It focuses on measures that can a) prevent a disaster from occurring, b) prepare people for responding to a disaster if it does occur and c) minimise the level of damage that disaster causes. There are a number of ways DRR can be implemented in an area; however, The Salvation Army's approach - and therefore the focus of this guide - is to enable and empower communities to implement it themselves in partnership with external resources.

We are putting together resources that will be distributed across all of the countries where The Salvation Army are working to support the implementation of projects that can create preparedness.

Latest Work

Working Together Around the World

DRR International Conference


In February 2016, The Salvation Army held an International Conference focusing on DRR in Hong Kong, bringing together leaders from over 15 countries. The conference brought together ideas for the content of the materials as well as the criteria that we believe make a community resilient.

The video below was made as a result of the conference and should give you more of an insight of the aims of the projects’ team in developing communities to be ready for a number of contingencies.

For more information on DRR or to find out how you can get our DRR Guide, please see more information from IHQ_projects@salvationarmy.org