Territorial Commander
Finland and Estonia Territory

Date of Birth: 18 June 1952
Nationality: Dutch
Home Corps: Amsterdam Congress Hall, Netherlands Territory
Commissioned: 27 May 1983
Married: Vibeke Schou Larsen, 2 September 1978


The Netherlands and Czech Republic Territory
Corps (June 1983)
Territorial Music Secretary (February 1986)
Divisional Commander (September 1991)
Editor-in-Chief and Literature Secretary (March 1995)

Denmark Territory
Finance Secretary and Property Secretary (July 1997)
Chief Secretary (September 2000)
Territorial Commander (January 2001)

France Territory
Territorial Commander (November 2004)

International Headquarters
The General’s Representative for Global Evangelisation (November 2006)

Finland & Estonia Territory
Territorial Commander (October 2008)

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