God, the Big Bang and Bunsen-Burning Issues
by Major Nigel Bovey

God, the Big Bang and Bunsen-Burning Issues is published by Authentic Media. ISBN-13: 978-1-85078-806-5. Price �8.99.
Written by the editor of the United Kingdom War Cry – a weekly Salvation Army publication - God, the Big Bang and Bunsen-Burning Issues features the thoughts of leading scientists who challenge the assumption that Bible-believing Christianity is not compatible with contemporary scientific thinking.

The book is a collection of 15 exclusive interviews Nigel Bovey conducted with the eminent scientists, which were subsequently published in The War Cry. They include the thoughts of biophysicist Professor Alister McGrath, a leading detractor in the ‘science vs faith’ debate with the renowned atheist scientist Professor Richard Dawkins. In his interview, Professor McGrath tackles head-on the issue of whether science is necessarily atheistic.

‘Richard Dawkins says that to buy into modern science is to say that there is no God. That simply is not true,’ says Professor McGrath, who maintains that many Christians who are scientists would say they find the two disciplines reinforce each other.

God, the Big Bang and Bunsen-Burning Issues covers many of the current ‘hot potatoes’ of scientific debate, including intelligent design, evolution, creationism and genetics. But Major Bovey also asks many questions which it is hoped will help readers with their understanding of faith - Christian faith in particular - and science. Questions like: ‘How can a scientist be a Christian?’, ‘Doesn't science disprove the Bible?’ and ‘How can a scientist believe in miracles?’

Other interviewees include human genome pioneer Dr Francis Collins, former Meteorological Office chief and climate change expert Sir John Houghton who concludes that ‘We are raping Planet Earth!’, and former Cambridge Professor of Mathematical Physics, the Rev Dr John Polkinghorne, KBE, who says ‘The question of human suffering is the most difficult question of all. It is the one which holds people back from faith.’

The author of God, the Big Bang and Bunsen-Burning Issues believes you don't have to be a scientist to read, understand and enjoy the book. ‘In looking to science to solve their problems, people sometimes think they have to make an either/or choice between faith and science. Through interviewing these top scientists in The War Cry, I wanted to show that Christianity and science are compatible,’ says Major Bovey. ‘In examining headline subjects such as hybrid embryos, global warming and genetic modification this book shows that scientists are guided by more than their heads - they are also motivated from their hearts.’

Major Bovey who has edited The War Cry, The Salvation Army’s weekly evangelistic paper in the UK, for nearly 10 years, says the process of working on the book was also a helpful faith experience and he hopes the book will do the same for readers.

‘Through spending time with some of the country's top minds I have rediscovered the truth that being a Christian does not mean having to commit intellectual suicide. By listening to people whose work takes them from microscopic cells to bodies at the edge of the universe, my eyes have been re-opened to the wonder of the Creator God. You don’t have to be a scientist to catch a glimpse of these men’s vision.’