‘But this is a people plundered and looted all of them trapped in pits or hidden away in prisons. They have become plunder, with no one to rescue them; they have been made loot, with no one to say, “Send them back.”’ Isaiah 42:22

‘They cast lots for my people and traded boys for prostitutes; they sold girls for wine that they might drink.’ Joel 3:3

‘I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.’ John 10:10


Rescue and Restoration
Breakdown of the Sex Industry
Reduction of Demand
World Leaders
The Church


Cambodian Group
Sierra Leone Crisis Ministry
Indian Christian Business
Thai Ministry
Bangladesh Mission
Zambian Project
Shared Hope International
International Justice Mission
Bucharest Express (film)
World Vision
Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking
The Asha Forum
World Hope International
Cambodian Prayer Group
Other Ministries

General Prayer Requests

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Rescue and Restoration
Pray for the rescue and restoration of the countless number of children who have become victims of sexual trafficking, including the following:
  • for an end to their captivity and sexual abuse,
  • for as many safe and secure shelters as are needed to provide for their material needs,
  • for loving care takers to provide comfort, solace, and a sense of family,
  • for training and education to provide these children with meaningful and productive livelihoods,
  • for medical treatment to meet their many health concerns;
  • for the Gospel message to reach their ears and be received in their hearts.

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Breakdown of the Sex Industry
Pray for the breakdown of the sex industry, which fuels the sexual trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children, including the following:
  • the demise of pornographic magazines;
  • a ban on internet pornography and sex tourism cites;
  • for the closure of clubs with nude dancing and stripping;
  • strong law enforcement efforts the world over to enforce obscenity laws, fight corruption, and to arrest/convict the pimps, traffickers and “customers”;
  • permanently close all brothels.

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Reduction of Demand
Pray for efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex, including the following:
  • the defeat of attempts to legalize prostitution underway in countries such as New Zealand and other countries at risk such as South Africa, Spain, Columbia, Thailand, Poland, and Indonesia;
  • the overturn of laws that legalized prostitution in the Netherlands, Germany, and certain districts of Australia;
  • for a repeal of legalized prostitution in Nevada;
  • for the development in the U.S. and around the world of court mandated programs known as “johns’ schools” for men convicted of soliciting for sex (aimed at educating men about the harms of prostitution);
  • for the success and development of additional ministries such as “Faithful and True” which help people plagued with sexual addictions;
  • for God to convict the hearts of traffickers, pimps and the “customers” and to transform their lives, as in the example of John Newton who turned from his life as a slave trader after coming to the faith.

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Pray for the development of impoverished nations so that the peoples in such countries may know a decent standard of living, have meaningful education and employment opportunities, and thus escape the desperate circumstances that often fuel commercial sexual exploitation and sexual trafficking.

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World Leaders
Pray for world leaders, that they will confront sexual trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation by dedicating their time and energy to the issue, as well as their national resources toward eradicating it.

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The Church
Pray for the church and its response to sexual trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, including the following:
  • for more missionaries to carry out evangelism;
  • for more Christian aid workers to establish and administer recovery homes for sexually trafficking children;
  • for an increase in church resources – human, financial, and infastructural – to be dedicated to meeting the needs of sexual trafficking victims;
  • for the church and its leaders to remain pure and not become the perpetrators of child sexual abuse in any form;
  • for increased networking and cooperation among Christian groups working on this issue;
  • for the strength, fortitude, and vision of Christians working to address this issue.

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Specific Ministries and Prayer Needs

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Name withheld: Cambodia

A group that met weekly to pray against prostitution and trafficking was challenged with the question, “If you pray them out of prostitution, where can they go?” This ministry was founded in response. The project provides shelter and training for women and girls who want to leave prostitution or are at risk of going into prostitution. The project also provides the opportunity for the women and girls to receive physical and emotional restoration. Females who have been exploited have the opportunity to realize their potential as people of dignity and worth and are challenged to lead a fulfilled and productive life. Ministry is emphasized in four areas: physical, emotional, educational/vocational, and spiritual.

Prayer request: “We need intercessors, believers who will incorporate us into their daily prayers.”

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Name withheld: Freetown, Sierra Leone

This ministry reaches out to children in crisis all over the world, and operates a special project in Sierra Leone for sexually exploited girls and women. The ministry to them includes living accommodations, trauma counseling, spiritual nurture, skills training, and micro enterprise development. The ministry has recently purchased sewing machines to offer tailoring courses as a means of gaining employment. The girls and women were overwhelmed at being given this opportunity to restore their dignity.

Prayer request: “The girls and women need prayer against the bondages of entrapment and to experience freedom in Christ. Also pray that they will be persistent in their efforts to learn and income generating skill. Additionally, pray for Mary, a 14-year-old girl at this home, who recently had a baby. The baby died within a few hours; Mary was soon afterwards diagnosed with AIDS. When the team asked her how long she had lived on the streets, she had no recollection of ever not having been on the streets. Pray for Mary to experience God’s unconditional love for her personally.”

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Name withheld: India

This Christian business works for the freedom of girls and women trapped in prostitution through trafficking and economic desperation. The company currently employs 30 females – ages 15 through 50 – in the sewing of bags (such as ladies handbags) for a living. They even become part owners in the business. As the company manager says, “Why does business have to be about making heaps of money for the owner – why can’t it be about freedom?”

Prayer request: “Our dream is to offer freedom to many through the business but we need to get a bigger building before we can do so. It’s so hard saying no to women daily who come to us pleading for a way out through the business . . . . We simply have no space! We’ve been negotiating for 6 months with a landlord who is very keen to sell to us. We together have agreed on all terms, however the building has one tenant, an ice-cream factory that needs to relocate if we are able to take over the building. In this town, tenants have more power than landlords, and they can stay as long as they want even with no lease. If you are able – call people to pray for this: for freedom to be on offer to many and not just 30 (there are 6000 “standing in line” [a euphemism meaning they are in the sex trade] in our neighborhood). We need this building. Once we get the new building a further 20 girls will start training as soon as we move in.”

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Name withheld: Thailand

This ministry was established in 1989. Its primary focus has been to meet the special needs of girls and women who are at risk or have been working in the bars and red light areas in Thailand. Alternatives to prostitution and trafficking are provided through housing, vocational training, employment in a micro-enterprise, education, counseling and life skills training. Victims of trafficking and under-age girls are assisted by the ministry through rescue, shelter, and in collaboration with other NGOs to repatriate or rehabilitate them.

Prayer request: “There have been more and more children showing up in the bar areas to sell various items. Most of the children are illegal coming from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Burma. The ages are 3-15. While most may not be presently sexually exploited they are exploited [in other ways] and they are very high risk [for commercial sexual exploitation]. I have counted as many as 23 in one night.

Faa is the Vietnamese Cambodian girl who was rescued from prostitution two years ago. She is now 14 and back at the bar areas. Her 5-year-old sister, Da, and her brother are now accompanying her. Faa says they are not going with guys this time. Faa is very bright as is Da, but none of them are receiving any schooling. Their future seems bleak because Faa’s choices are so limited. We feel powerless because these children are illegal and they are also under the supervision of family. They have been arrested many times but only to return. Kem and Rem are two sisters 14 and 11 who were also rescued only to return. Kem, I have been told, is going with men again.

Oh is a 14-year-old who lives in a slum. She was a sponsored children and was doing well. She had accepted Christ and come to church regularly, as well as helping the staff out with odd jobs when not in school. Oh’s mother had abandoned her but recently returned to use Oh in a gambling den. Oh has dropped out of school and we’ve been told she is the mistress of a married Thai man as well as being used for drug running. Attempts to pull her back have not been successful. Pray for her though, because the Word of God is planted in her heart and I believe some day she will return.”

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Name withheld: Bangladesh

The mission of this program is to fight poverty, to pay fair wages for fair work, provide safe places of work, promote gender equality, and to give dignity to its workers – girls and women formerly in the sex trade. The ladies who work for the program are mostly over 18. However, living in one of the poorest countries of the world, they are desperate to be able to feed and educate their children. Working for the program enables them to do this, as well as to provide their children a future free from commercial sexual exploitation. Women and girls in the program receive a safe place to live and extensive training in the manufacture of a wide-range of goods for international export. Additionally, through its Health Care and Counseling Center, the program is reaching out to the 265 females in brothels, such as 15-year-old Polly who lived in a slum, was a victim of commercial sexual exploitation, and was used to sell drugs. Polly heard of the program through a friend, and now has a new life free from prostitution and abuse.

Prayer Request: There are many girls like Polly still living in the slums and brothels. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work through the program, extending the hope of freedom in Christ and lives of dignity to more and more of those caught in lives of unrelenting commercial sexual exploitation.

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Name withheld: Zambia

Through the work of this project 100 children have been rescued from prostitution. It is actively involved in international and region planning to combat sexual trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Prayer Request: “Please pray for funding of our project as we are work to meet the needs of children. Secondly, please pray for the establishment of a forum for Christians in Zambia that we are trying to establish which will meet for prayer.”

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Shared Hope International: Vancouver, Washington

Shared Hope International exists to intervene for the purpose of rescue and restoration of women and children in crisis. Shared Hope now partners with groups worldwide to prevent trafficking of individuals, rescue victims of trafficking, and to supply shelter, healthcare, education and vocational training opportunities to victims of human trafficking. Once freed, Shared Hope is on the ground (in several countries) helping restore these precious individuals physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. With desperately needed health care, housing, counseling, education, and job training, these rescued victims are beginning new lives.

Prayer request: Give thanks for the many lives that have been lovingly restored from the ravages of sexual trafficking and commercial exploitation through the work of Shared Hope International. Please pray that God will continue to bless Shared Hope’s work, and that through it more lives will be saved and renewed, and more hearts healed by the love of Christ.

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International Justice Mission: Alexandria, Virginia

The International Justice Mission helps people suffering injustice and oppression who cannot rely on local authorities for relief. The agency documents and monitors conditions of abuse and oppression, educates the church and public about the abuses, and mobilizes intervention on behalf of the victims. As a result of IJM’s casework many girls have been rescued from commercial sexual exploitation. IJM currently has ongoing operations in many countries.

Prayer request: Give thanks for the many lives rescued from sexual slavery through the ministry of IJM. Please pray for God’s continued blessing of IJM: that it may have find cooperative local authorities, that the raids it facilitates will be successful and bring about the rescue those in captivity, and that the reach of its work will grow.

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Bucharest Express: USA/Eastern /Europe

Bucharest Express is a film relating the trauma and tragedy of sexual trafficking in Bekova – a fictitious nation that could represent any of the eastern European countries where women and children are trafficked into sexual slavery against the backdrop of a collapsed economy and the breakdown of law and order. It’s not a documentary, but rather a hard-hitting mystery that blows the lid off the ruthless trade in young girls and women. The film was shot on location in the Republic of Moldova in the summer of 2001. During the production, the director, producers and crew lived under the ever-present threat that the film might be shut down by local gangsters or the tapes confiscated by officials with an interest in silencing the controversial message. The film’s executive producer, Willits Sawyer and assistant producer, Rosalie Hornblower (his wife), have a vision to use the film as a prevention tool by taking the film and its message to at-risk girls in Eastern Europe.

Prayer request: Please pray that the Lord will open up ever increasing opportunities for Bucharest Express to be shown in Eastern Europe to at-risk girls, as well as in film festivals and at college campuses across the country to help raise awareness about sexual trafficking. Also pray that God will bless this project with the necessary funding for the mass reproduction and distribution of the film across Eastern Europe. Additionally, please pray for the healing of the film’s director, Chuck Portz, as he is coping with serious health problems.

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World Vision

World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization that works to serve the poor and protect children in nearly 100 countries. Their work on this issue has focused on measures such as awareness-raising activities and skills training designed to prevent children from being drawn into the sex trade; income generation programs to reduce the prevalence of children being sold into or lured into the sex trade; HIV/AIDS awareness; individual case management; and programs targeted at children at high-risk. Protecting children before as well as after exploitation is a priority – this includes protecting child victims from criminalization, urging prosecution of exploiters and providing physical and psychological aftercare and housing.

Prayer request: Pray that the Lord will continue to utilize World Vision’s staff to reach sexually exploited children, increase their opportunity to be an agent of His love, restoration, and Gospel, and transform the hearts of those who exploit, abuse and neglect children. Pray that the world will come to recognize the plight of these suffering children and tat we would work together to end this abuse of the Lord’s children.

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Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking: Alexandria, Virginia

The Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking (IAST) is a partnership of more than thirty organizations (Christian denominations, child advocacy, human rights and women’s organizations) working together for the abolition of the sexual trafficking. Its goal is to create a new abolition movement seeking the eradication of sexual trafficking, as well as the protection survivors, and prosecution traffickers and exploiters. To accomplish this, IAST organizes forums and briefings, and conducts other awareness raising projects.

Prayer request: IAST’s opportunities to share about the tragedy of sexual trafficking are increasing. Please pray that these opportunities will continue to arise, and that as the facts are exposed that people’s hearts will be moved and they will be called to join the fight against sexual trafficking. Also please remember IAST’s partner organizations in prayer – please pray that their independent efforts to eradicate trafficking will flourish.

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The Asha Forum: Mountlake Terrace, Washington

The Asha Forum seeks to inform people everywhere about the evil of child sexual abuse – including the sexual trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children – and the Biblical mandate to respond; to unite a global movement of Christians working to address child sexual abuse so that we may improve the quality, quantity, and impact of services offered; to equip Christians to effectively confront child sexual abuse by raising awareness and addressing prevention, education and rehabilitation in partnership with local Christian churches; and to mobilize Christians everywhere to get involved by providing clear service opportunities that honor people’s gifts and abilities.

Prayer request: Asha encourages people within the church body and community who feel a burden to address the sexual abuse of children to begin meeting consistently to pray. It has prepared a curriculum, including a video and guide sheets, to help people in this purpose (materials available at www.ashaforum.org/church). Please pray for the success and wide-ranging implementation of this curriculum, as well as for God’s blessing on this ministry.

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World Hope International: Springfield, Virginia

World Hope International is a faith-based relief and development organization alleviating suffering and injustice through education, enterprise and community health; its vision to inspire dignity and hope. World Hope is partnering with a program, a Christian group who exclusively take in young girls who were former sex slaves. This program takes in girls for 2 years (or more if needed) and offers them support through literacy training, skills training and income generation.

Prayer request: Please pray for Jo Anne Lyon, World Hope’s Executive Director, as she travels around the world to explore the possibilities of expanding their work with child victims of sexual trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Also World Hope is working with other groups on a study concerning the access minors have to pornography. Please pray that the results of this study – that it will help the group as they carry out their work, and have a major impact on public officials and others with responsibility for the well being of children.

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Name withheld: Cambodia

This recently formed group encourages prayer for Cambodia’s children.

Prayer request: “Pray that churches can accept and welcome girls from prostitution backgrounds – such as in one town, where a ministry has done much work in networking with churches, as well as another program which has a similar residential work with girls in another city.”

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Other Ministries Confronting Sexual Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Our Little Roses: Honduras
The Scarlet Cord: The Netherlands
The Salvation Army: Tanzania, Ghana
Adults Saving Kids (ASK): United States
Save Lanka Kids: Sri Lanka
Fundacion Brazos Abiertos: Columbia

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For more information about sexual trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children contact:

Lisa L. Thompson
Liaison for the Abolition of Sexual Trafficking
The Salvation Army National Headquarters
PO Box 269
Alexandria, VA 22313
ph: 703.519.5896

Joseph Mettimano
Child Protection Policy Advisor
World Vision
Office of Public Policy and Advocacy
220 “I” Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4373