International Secretary for Europe
International Headquarters

Date of Birth: 24 February 1947
Nationality: British
Home Corps: Stotfold, British Territory
Commissioned: 23 May 1969
Married: Janet Adams, 4 February 1967


British Territory
Corps (May 1969)

International Headquarters
Editorial Department (May 1972)

British Territory
Corps (July 1975)

International Headquarters
Editorial Department (Jan 1978), Asst. Editor-in-Chief (September 1985)

United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland
Editor-in-Chief (Nov 1990)
Divisional Commander (May 1991)
Training Principal (May 1997)
Principal William Booth College (May 2000)

Australia Eastern Territory
Chief Secretary (October 2002)

International Headquarters
International Secretary to the Chief of the Staff (July 2006)
International Secretary, SPEA (June 2009)
International Secretary, Europe (November 2010)

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