Peace on Earth


'Glory to God in the

highest heaven,

and on earth

peace to those on whom

his favour rests.'

Luke 2:14, NIV


Dear Cedarlight fellowship members

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ whose birth we will soon celebrate around the whole globe. As we prepared the list of the ICO delegates who will receive this letter, we rejoiced in the thought of how the blessings received at the International College for Officers reverberate throughout the world.

Sessions 228 to 231 attended the ICO this year. The first session was planned as a translation session into Hindi and Urdu, because these two spoken languages are very similar. It was a huge disappointment to hear that all delegates and the translator from Pakistan were refused visas. The third session provided translation into Kiswahili.   

By request from the then Chief of the Staff Commissioner William Roberts, delegates with minimal knowledge of English are only accepted provisionally and their progress of learning English is monitored closely by the ICO. The first two delegates who were included in this new scheme attended session 231 and spoke warmly about the encouragement and accompaniment received which allowed them to benefit to a much greater extent from attending the ICO than they would have done otherwise.

One very tangible evidence of this fellowship is the way the Cedarlights contribute each Christmas to the funding of a specific Cedarlight Christmas project.

Last year’s projects, as you will recall, was for School Supplies for poor and needy students of the Maharashtra & Gujarat region in the India Western Territory. Thanks to your generous support, we were able to send £2,150 to that territory.

This year, we would like to gain your support for the following project:

Borehole for School for Officer Training of the Kenya East territory


The College has 87 Cadets. This is the maximum it can take. There is a two year waiting list of candidates, and cadet couples cannot bring their children to the two-year residential training due to lack of accommodation and funds. Over the last two years, the Training Principal, a former police officer, has introduced a programme of self-support. Cadets and staff now grow most of their food, particularly maize and fruits.

The Training College also has a farming programme, which is both a source of income and provides milk and meat to the residents. Doing this has cut down on the College’s food costs significantly. The success of this programme is obviously dependent on a reliable source of water. At present rain water is gathered in large water butts, but these only provide water for some time after the rainy season. There is also a water pipeline bringing in water from a source some distance away, but it is often damaged or tapped by members of the surrounding community.

A Salvationist family has given a very large donation towards the borehole, but as this does not cover the whole cost of the borehole, we are hoping to contribute £4,000 through your donations. We hope that you will feel inspired to contribute financially to this project which will very directly benefit the training of new officers. Thank you, dear officer colleagues, for your continued prayer support and the way you share what you have with comrades from around the world.

Soon my wife and I will take up new appointments in the Germany, Lithuania and Poland territory. We have greatly appreciated the pleasure of being in contact with you, and particularly with the delegates from sessions 223 to 231 which we have had the privilege to lead.

The ICO and CSLD team joins me in sending seasonal greetings. May God bless you abundantly in all you do to share the glad tidings that Christ came into our world and will come again to establish His kingdom of peace over all creation for all eternity.

Yours in Christ

Hervé Cachelin,

You can make your gift securely online, or alternatively email ihq-ico@salvationarmy.org to arrange payment by debit or credit card.