09 November 2016
by Catherine MALLET

We were delighted to be informed that the multi-national EU funding application for a ‘Safe Return project’ was successful. The application was led by The Salvation Army in The Netherlands who responded in partnership to a call for proposals from the European Commission’s DG Migration and Home Affairs. The project entitled 'Safe Havens' will focus on the following actions:

  • Carrying out a pilot program for sustainable integration and safe return of (undocumented) non-EU victims of trafficking in partnership between TSA Netherlands and TSA Sweden. Hereby incorporating existing best practices of legal support to undocumented victims of trafficking in the Netherlands).
  • An additional focus on (undocumented) Roma minor victims of trafficking.
  • Replicating and contextualizing the outcomes of the pilot program on (undocumented) non-EU victims and (undocumented) Roma minor victims of trafficking through the wider Europe AHT network of TSA and its NGO partners.
  • Strengthening the transnational cooperation with non-EU countries within TSA AHT network with a primary focus on the Romania/Moldova/Ukraine region (a high number of victims trafficked into the EU come from Moldova/Ukraine with Romania being a major transit country).
  • Developing and implementing a sustainable training development programme for AHT national contact persons and fieldworkers. 
Tags: Europe