04 July 2019
Last Updated: 05 July 2019
by Vera NYGARD

The EU Affairs Office organised a meeting for organisations in Belgium that are working on anti-human trafficking in April.  As there has not been a platform of this kind previously, the EU Office saw a need to bring together actors from civil society to see what avenues there could be for cooperation in this important mission. We were pleased to have 11 people from seven different organisations represented in the meeting. Two of the specialized reception centres were represented, as well as a few faith based organisations that work with mainly trafficked women.

Each organisation gave an overview of their work, possible challenges and suggestions for cooperation. Some of the issues discussed included lack of training amongst the police force to identify victims of trafficking, lack of stakeholder engagement from civil society on a governmental level, and raising awareness amongst the general public. Avenues for cooperation were discussed, and it was clear that all organisations represented wanted to pursue further combined efforts. We are now planning our next meeting, which will most likely involve training on a specific topic.

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