The praying network The Flame started in 1999 and has 360 members of the Sweden and Latvia Territory. During one of our gathering’s it was recognized that in recent times some of the older, faithful members have been Promoted to Glory. God spoke very clearly to us saying that we are going to see a lot of young people praying. He gave us the words from 1 Samuel 3:1: “The boy Samuel ministered before the Lord under Eli. In those days the word of the Lord was rare; there were not many visions” and the assurance that he is raising young prophets to fill in the gap after those that pass away, with at least twice as many!

Therefore, last year we saw the launch of The Flame - Youth Edition with a special weekend for youth leaders who will also be the ones to shape this network through the children and youth they are in contact with. God spoke very directly to us through prayer and worship.

Participants received different, individual words from the Lord. They also testified as to how they were filled with fresh energy from God and were encouraged by the teaching received and the opportunity to share experiences and difficulties regarding their ministry, also recognizing how important our children and teenagers are and how important it is for us as leaders and role models to reflect God.

We will soon create a Facebook page and a lot of other things so young people can have access to this network in a simple way and a creative prayer conference will be held during the Autumn of 2014.

“During the weekend I prayed a lot for my group of teenagers, a group that often can be messy and loud. And after some of the meeting with the teenagers I’m just dejected and exhausted when I don’t feel that the message about God is hitting them but at one moment, during the time of praise and worship, I saw a clear sight how one of my teenagers fell in my arms. And as she felt in my arms, I felt in the arms of God. That was a great consolation and an awesome reminder that God never leaves us. He always stands right behind us, so if we fall – he will catch us”. (Testimony from one of the participants)

Major Mona Stockman

Sweden and Latvia Territory

Secretary for Spiritual Life Development