Holiness Institute for Soldiers USA Eastern












Nearly 30 soldiers from the USA Eastern Territory gathered together between 26 September  – 29 September to attend the 2013 Holiness Institute. The group explored their journey in a Bible shaped life of holiness. Corps Sergeant-Major Daniel S. Conway Hampton, NH writes about his experience as one of the delegates:

“To some in our society and even in the Church holy is just another word.  To the Salvationist though, it is a way of life.  We believe, after all, That it is the privilege of all believers to be wholly sanctified, and that our whole spirit and soul and body may be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (tenth doctrine).

That journey took us through holiness in body, soul, and spirit.  It was a blessing to receive instruction in the doctrine of holiness, the Holy Spirit’s work in sanctification, holy living in everyday life, and spiritual formation through holiness from such esteemed Salvationist leaders and teachers.

The most meaningful part of this half-week adventure for me was the opportunity to live out holiness in a small way through our small group ministry.  We learned so much from each others experiences. While this practicum was designed to show us the ease of implementing this ministry in our corps, the Holy Spirit still took the lead and moved in our lives.

Our weekend ended with a powerful covenant service.  We were called at this service to claim God’s deeper work of grace unto sanctification by faith, grow in grace by communing with God in regular prayer and Bible study, live a holy life—becoming like Jesus by demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit in all relationships, and resist the temptation to sin by relying solely upon the Holy Spirit for guidance and help in doing the will of God.  Many lives were changed by this commitment to deepen our relationships with God and others through holiness; I know mine was.

We were encouraged to not have just a mountain top experience, but take the experience home with us and live it out in our communities.  Now I also encourage you to make your journey through a Bible shaped life of holiness a lifetime adventure.”


Corps Sergeant-Major Daniel S. Conway
Hampton, New Hampshire