The 2013 Congress Prayer Room

The United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland held their territorial congress in Glasgow, Scotland from 2-3 November. During this time a Congress Prayer Room was prepared by Major Carole Loveridge (Paisley Citadel) and prayer co-ordinators from the three divisions in Scotland together with a few coordinators from Yorkshire and London.

prayer stationPrayers were held for 20 minutes before each meeting and during meetings intercessors sat in the auditorium praying as the meeting proceeded. There was a rota plan so that there was a least one person in the prayer room throughout the Congress Programme.  General prayer subjects included:

  • Participants as they took part.  
  • The Congress Leadership team.
  • Organising team and all the plans and preparation.
  • Counsellors and Intercessors
  • Those attending their first Congress
  • Youth and Children's programmes
  • Venue management team and Victoria our Event Manager at the SECC.
  • Webcast arrangements
  • Praying through prayers left in the prayer room

all for me prayer station

Follow up prayers are important and coordinators were asked to continue to uphold the ongoing spiritual influence of the Congress.

Three prayer stages were set up in the prayer room that people could experience throughout the weekend.

- One to provide a place to seek forgiveness and the focal point was a cross – entitled ‘All for Me’

- One to provide a place for dedication and consecration and the focal point was a cairn of stones – entitled ‘All for Thee’

-One to provide a place for intercession and the focal point a map and a globe – entitled ‘All for them’



The prayer room was well used and many expressed their appreciation that such a place was available for them to pray and be prayed for. Many people, who would not make a public decision in large Congress meetings, need a place to sit and reflect and decide the next step on their spiritual journey.

Major Bob McIntyre