Journeying through the Easter story this year was made that little bit more tangible this year at Sutton Salvation Army through the use of several prayer stations. The shocking beauty of Easter became something that you could experience through your senses.

tasteman at prayer station

You could taste it as you drank and ate at the last supper and reflected on what it would be to be a living sacrament. You could feel it with the earth of the Garden between your fingers, as you spent time reflecting on those areas of your life that you wanted to let go of. You could see it as part of Calvary you sat at the foot of the cross becoming part of community art, seeing the power of the cross through each other for each other. You could hear the hope of Easter as resurrection became something to experience and to live out for others.

Sutton Prayer Station

The real beauty was seeing the ‘scribble wall’ filling up with pictures, prayers, poems as people left their mark, describing the effect of the room on them. The real beauty could be seen in the meaningful response of the four year old through a prayer of crayon. The real beauty could be seen through the prayerful poem of the ninety-three year old. The real beauty was that the prayer room this year was a place of deep and profound beauty as all kinds of people accessed what was an art installation of prayer.

Captain Gordon Cotterill