Here are some 'Shout Out' (praise) reports from the 'STAY ON THE WALL' focus done by the Southwest Division - USA Western Territory. Some encouraging stories on the transforming power of prayer from Glendale Corps, Flagstaff, Hobbs New Mexico, Phoenix Maryvale Corps, Tuscon Temple Corps, Estrella Mountain, Alamogordo, Ray and Joan Kroc Community Centre.

Prayer Room

"Filling the one-hour slots seemed like an impossible task, but by mid-week, all slots were filled!"

"Participants were uplifted by the experience and expressed desire to keep the prayer room and hold 24 hour prayer days at least once a month."

"One lady was so happy to be taking part in 24/7 prayer she drove to a nearby city and had a half hour to pray going and another half hour coming back. She said it worked out perfectly as she was able to pray for her family, co-workers, those in need in the community and "just everything that came to mind!" She said she would remember to do that more often as she travelled."

"One of the "prayer warriors" that signed up for the midnight to 1 am slot reported that time flew so quick that he prayed for an extra hour."

"One of the rooms in the building was converted in to a Sanctuary of Prayer. One only needed to step into the room to feel the serenity, peace and presence of God."

"One soldier of our Corps (18 years old) decided prayer wallto fast and pray for the entire day. It was his first time fasting and was able to do so with "the Lord's help". He said it was a great experience. Some of the members have committed to stay "on the wall" as watchmen, interceding for those who need it".

"We were able to expand our prayer focus into our community, and in partnership with several other churches as part of our ministerial association, we were able to have all of our time covered in 30-minute increments. We count this opportunity as a blessing, not only to have bathed a number of Salvation Army ministries in prayer, but to have come together as churches on a spiritual level, and not the business level that we maintain throughout most of the year."