While the Global Call to 24-7 Prayer - A Day and Night Cry for Justice seeks to be an ongoing prayer initiative, there are already several Salvation Army centres with a sense of vision and calling to become Houses of Prayer (SA-HOP) - places where the fire of intercession never goes out and where God makes himself at home according to Isaiah 56:7 ' house will be called a house of prayer for all nations'.

Delegates of the Youth Leader’s Holiness Conference in Sri Lanka spent one afternoon setting up campgrounds as a House of Prayer – creatively transforming several areas into prayer spaces, with multiple, interactive prayer stations. The evening was spent in a time of personal prayer, as delegates were given the opportunity to visit each prayer station throughout the grounds. 

Delegates also gathered for a half night of corporate prayer until midnight. The evening began with an open hour of worship and prayer. Guest lecturer Colonel Janet Munn (IHQ) explored the theme of ‘Warfare,’ our spiritual authority as believers, and how to speak God’s word over our lives. The delegates spent the rest of the night exercising this authority to declare victory in the name of Christ over different life situations.


The young adult Salvationists in the Sri Lanka territory have also recently created a prayer group for their territory. Ramesh Ravindra Daniel, Territorial Youth Prayer Team Coordinator and soldier of the Colombo Central Corps, explains more about the group’s vision and mission.

‘The idea of creating a prayer group in Sri Lanka came from the idea that we have to join together as young people of this country. We do a lot of activities separate from each other and are not connected to each other. This is something that will develop unity among us as young people in this country. Our idea was to create a group of young people who are praying together for one thing at one time.

We had a conversation with the Territorial Youth Secretary, Captain Wijenama Wijesinghe, who suggested that we start a prayer chain and a structure like this. One night the Captain and I were discussing our vision and our mission and God just gave us everything that we needed. It was so clear and it was really from God. He clearly gave us a proper understanding of the benefits of a group such as this, how we should organize it, and what resources were needed.

Under the territorial youth department we have a territorial youth prayer coordinator, who coordinates territorial prayer activities. Then in of division there is a prayer team leader and an assistant team leader – both volunteers. In the individual corps you have the prayer teams that conduct prayer meetings on a weekly basis’.

Ramesh explains that the vision for the prayer team comes from the General’s international Vision Plan of One Army, One Mission, and One Message. ‘We are praying for this to happen, that we become one Army that has one mission – to share one message. Our mission is to empower young Salvationists to become prayer leaders in their corps, to build up such leaders who will lead a prayer movement in our territory. Some resources we are going to create include a monthly prayer letter with prayer topics, a bi-monthly newsletter called “Keeping in Touch” which will include prayer requests, information about prayer rooms, and teachings about prayer. We also plan on maintaining communication through text messages, prayer lists, and a Facebook page. The prayer chain is also tool to encourage the young people in building their own prayer room in their corps and at home’.