Watch below an interview on Just Salvos with Colonel Janet Munn and Phil Laeger (Creative Arts Department, Australia Southern Territory) about global social justice and what it looks like in worship.

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saytunesAlready our friends at saytunes are enthusiastically supporting 24-7 Prayer and have launched an exciting new Songs of Justice section on their website. Throughout Scripture and the history of the Church, the people of God have used songs to cry out for deliverance from oppression and to praise God for leading them in victory - even the final song recorded in the book of Revelation begins by declaring that God is just.

Log on now to listen to the current song of the month, the folksy Hands Tied by Mezz Coleman, or the contemporary worship anthem Come Change the World by Brad Ellis.

If you're a musician, you can be part of it too. Saytunes is the place to share original music and lyrics with Salvationists all over the world. From ear-bleed inducing thrash through to barbershop. Classical to reggae. We want to hear it.