Spiritual Life Development Sessions in Kenya East

The third phase of the Spiritual Life Development session came to an end with a recognition ceremony of the thirty seven delegates.

certificate givenThe delegates were awarded certificates of recognition as a way of prioritising the intentional and systematic opportunities for spiritual growth in the Kenya East Territory, in line with the One Mission point of the International Centre for Spiritual Life Development. Each delegate was awarded with a certificate of participation.

The four day-long training included a variety of spiritual disciplines namely:

Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines, Prayer stations, Bible Study, Small Groups, Response, Scripture Memorization, Silence and Solitude, Self Care (Body, Mind and Soul), Journaling, Lectio Divina and Theological reflection

These delegates also took a Spiritual Growth Assessment, wrote personal growth goals and completed assignments out of the classroom.

teaching class

May God continue to abundantly bless these delegates as they practice the spiritual disciplines for the purpose of becoming more like Christ.

The Kenya East territory is on fire of the Holy Spirit. God has really worked supernaturally in this territory, every hall and empty hall has been turned into a house of prayer, yes the Army is on track once again. Prayer and fasting has taken lead in the lives of officers and soldiers and friends, things are happening, real things, God is transforming lives and revival is evident now as we speak. We are seeing God in reality performing miracles. God is raising a new generation that fear Him, men and women who are reaching God every moment through prayer and Bible study / fellowships.

One corps among others had a very interesting testimony through fasting and prayer. 
They organised for one full week of prayer for revival in their corps. This was after hearing the teaching on impossibilities that God does when we turn to Him with humility through fasting and prayer. Soldiers and the officers respected their fast, spent most of their time in the church in prayer. To break their fast, they decided to go and speak to God on a mountain, listening to His voice.

Today, the church is testifying of God’s faithfulness, greatness and love.

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Major Ann Kiama

Kenya East territory