More than 35 Salvation Army territories, commands and regions have taken part in Boundless…the Whole World Praying! The Salvation Army has continued to respond to the urgent and passionate call to be an Army on its knees as Salvationists have been uniting in one year of non-stop prayer (24/7/365) since the 1st July 2014 leading up to the end of the 2015 Congress Boundless – the Whole World Redeeming.



Read below some of the highlights:

International Headquarters

A prayer breakfast marked the launch of the initiative at IHQ with the participation of General André and Commissioner Silvia Cox. The prayer stations were set up in the Chapel and IHQ officers and employees took part throughout the four days.

South Pacific and East Asia Zone

In the New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory prayer rooms were operational for the entire time with half-night and whole nights of prayer being held in some corps. In the Papua New Guinea Territory, THQ hosted an opening ceremony to mark the commencement of the 24-7 and officers took turns in the prayer room. The Australia Eastern Territory prayed creatively through the use of an SMS message prayer chain with prayer topics being texted from one person to another, while the Indonesia and Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar territories both held prayer concerts.

South Asia Zone

The Bangladesh Command had their first prayer breakfast and some corps held 24 hour prayer meetings. The Pakistan Territory concluded its time by passing the prayer baton over to the India Eastern Territory through a Skype call with a short meeting led by both sides. In the India South Eastern Territory, prayer meetings were held in the territorial Prayer Cell Centre and children from the hostels and homes joined in prayer with Salvationists.

Africa Zone

The prayer wave took a detour to three African territories before rolling back over to the Americas. In the coming months the baton will return to the continent.

Americas and Caribbean Zone

In the Latin American territories the days of prayer were divided between Territorial Headquarters/Training College and the divisions. Prayer rooms and the prayer stations were set up in Headquarters and corps across the different countries represented. The USA Southern territory held a prayer breakfast at THQ while USA Eastern created a video series to mark each day of their prayer time, exploring different themes.


In the coming months the prayer wave will continue to roll through North America, Africa and Europe. A video prayer baton containing content of each location’s prayer time has symbolically marked the passing over of the wave from one place to another.


Stephanie Chagas

Centre for Spiritual Life Development