September/October 2015  


Dear Friends,
At the end of the last ICO session, I joked in my sessional report that, as the delegates got home and shared their memories of the ICO, some of them would hear themselves talking about the weather, a very British thing to do.
A delegate from the UK explained afterwards that for the British starting a conversation about the weather is a cultural thing. It feels safer than to talk about politics or religion. I can understand that. Sadly, however, often the conversation does not lead much further than a shared meteorological report.
I had the opportunity to travel abroad recently, and  tried to initiate conversations with people I didn't know, hoping to guide the conversation onto something I really care about: the Gospel and my faith in Jesus Christ. I must admit that I often did not get very far! What are your experiences in leading conversations to spiritual matters? Is there something you could share with us which might encourage and inspire? It would be nice if, through the means of the CSLD Newsletter, we could share more with each other, don`t you think? I really hope to hear back from some of you. May God bless you all. 

Lt-Colonel Hervé Cachelin
Principal, ICO and CSLD 

We have already received responses to the questions proposed. Use the comments section below to contribute to the conversation.

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