Sanctified - A Lifestyle is inspired by a short series of studies on the book of Philippians with the desire to create a resource written by young adult Salvationists made for young adult Salvationists.

The nine contributors to this study come from all over the world and are very passionate about living holy lives in every circumstance. Each study follows a simple pattern beginning with a biblical exploration of the text (biblical perspective) with questions; a more personal approach relating the passage to daily life, with futher questions for discussions (lifestyle perspective) and concludes with some very practical points that can be carried out (act!). It is hoped and prayed that this material will teach, encourage and inspire young adults as they study  aspects of this letter and put it into practice.


Download the material here and feel free to use our hashtag #CSLDsanctified on social media for comments or discussions on the material. (When printing, print pages double-sided).