In June 2009, a Praprayeryer Centre was inaugurated in the India Southwestern Territory, serving as a place of continuous prayer and a spiritual reference in the territory.

Many thousands of people have come to the Prayer Centre with several needs such as sickness, broken families and financial problems. Soldiers and officers travel from innumerous divisions to kneel together before the Lord. At the same time, countless prayer requests are received from all over the territory.

In the beginning there was a month of prayer which was mainly concerned with the spiritual, physical and health needs of the people. 'The answer was amazing. Many have received jobs since then and many sick people were healed,' says Major Jacob George, Secretary for Spiritual Life Development and Territorial Evangelist.


congregationThe Prayer Centre also seeks to help and encourage the spiritual development of the territory. One-week campaigns are held especially during the Hindu festival of Onam, and many conventions have taken place in corps and divisions. A Day with Christ was a territorial campaign which was aimed mainly to develop the spiritual growth of the youth.

The territory has also been engaged in the Global Call to 24-7 Prayer - A Day and Night Cry for Justice and in the Worldwide Prayer Meeting held every Thursday. One of the recent prayer subjects the Prayer Centre was engaged with was The General's visit in February. The holiness meeting on Sunday morning was the culmination of the visit and was attended by an unprecedented crowd of almost 12,000 people.

prayerMajor George testifies to the drastic spiritual change that has been happening, particularly among youth. Many prayer groups have been initiated and young people have responded to officership. Alongside that, new corps have opened, more people have come to Christ, there is a deeper mission to reach the unreached, a greater desire for holiness (this year's territorial theme is Keep Pure) and the financial situation of the territory has stabilised. 'This has helped the people deepen their trust in God and it enriches the soldiers with the spirit of prayer within the Salvation Army.'