Many Salvation Army Training Schools have been committed to 24-7 prayer for years, while some have just recently gotten caught up in the prayer revolution! Two Training Schools from two different territories - Brazil and Congo (Brazzaville) - have recently begun their experiences with 24-7 prayer days, and the Lord is blessing the cadets, staff, and campuses because of it.

Brazil Territory 
Cadet Elisa Mendes shares her experience from the Brazil Training School's 24-7 Prayer Day.

'A prayer room was prepared with phrases, images, places of worship, material about the Army, even a source of water that soothed the heart was placed there to bless us and bring a sound of peace! We were blessed to experience silence with God; being in solitude with Him. Opportunities like this are precious, especially because we live in a hectic world. In the moments we spent there, we got the notion that prayer is much better than we imagined! When we are in God's presence, time passes faster than we realize. Our resolution was unanimous: We really need to pray more and have more moments like that before God.

Personally I thought it would be a very big sacrifice waking at dawn to have my prayer time, but it was much better than I thought! God renewed me and used those moments to speak deeply to my heart. Since that experience, waking up during the night has become a pleasurable habit that I cultivate in my personal life.

We had the opportunity to pray for our leadership, cry out to God for justice and share words of blessing and affection with our colleagues where we left on a table verses that spoke to our hearts.

The following Sunday, the Training College Cadets had their first spiritual day of the year, where we shared about the moving of God during our prayer time. We saw how He worked in us during that time and how God answers our prayers! We shared with each other about the presence of God the day after our 24 hours of prayer, which left us amazed at the faithfulness and greatness of our Father!

Then call upon me, and you will, and pray unto me, and I will hear. And ye shall seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart
Jeremiah 29:12-13

I believe that the verses of Jeremiah became a living reality in our hearts during this time and I believe the Lord there is much to do through the Global Call to Prayer 24/7, in every place, in every prayer room, and every heart willing to pray and hear God's voice, starting with me.'

 Congo (Brazzaville) Territory

At the Training School in the Congo (Brazzaville) Territory, Training School principal Major Dieudonne Louzolo is sharing his experiences gained from his time at the International College for Officers.

congoThe Proclaimers of Resurrection session, made up of 27 cadets, has been taking part in Solitude and Fasting days as part of their Spiritual Formation courses. Their first Solitude and Fasting day was held on Friday 2 March, in which they prayed specifically for the forthcoming welcome meeting. The Cadets' Welcome Meeting was held on 4 March, the same day as the explosion of the arms store that killed over 200 people.

The cadets have also begun a routine of 24-7 prayer days, their first on 6 March at the Training College. The Lord is using this time to bless the Cadets and Training School Staff in the Congo (Brazzaville) Territory!

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