Rockdale Salvation Army in Sydney, Australia Eastern Territory has just celebrated its 15th consecutive week of 24/7 prayer. Without fail this time is a treasured and orienting milestone in the yearly rhythm of the corps and its members.

The focus of the week was "Go Deeper" and we felt that God was calling us as a community to be prepared to be taken to new depths than we have ever experienced before. 

The first Sunday began with a prayer breakfast, followed by a prayer concert led by Majors Stuart & Chris Reid, who were the officers that first began the 24/7 prayer time 15 years ago. It was a blessing to reconnect with their faithful vision and for them to be part of this celebrated time years later.

Key features of the week were the prayer seminars designed to stretch and grow our prayer rhythms. The topics were Praying justice prayers; Worship centred prayers and Praying into promise. The testimonies and power from these times has reverberated in people's lives as well as for the corps community.

It was special to watch our children connect across the range of experiences. A tradition has formed over the years that the children launch the prayer room, whilst mid-week groups look forward to sharing their time in the room. The anticipation, enthusiasm and movements of our children in this space were deeply encouraging and humbling. In many ways they led the corps into a deeper experience of readiness for prayer.

To close our time, we held a thanksgiving service where we celebrated the stories, experiences and convictions of the week. We thank God for his continued abundant movement in our lives as we boldly ask him to take us deeper than we've ever known.


Captain Steven Smith

Rockdale Corps 24-7 Prayer Coordinator and

Territorial Strategy Projects Officer