For the first time in the Poland Region a Holiness Seminar for Salvationists and other people with an interest in the subject took place in Warsaw. Under the leadership of the Department of Evangelism and Spiritual Life (Major Frank Honsberg) and the Secretary for Organisation (Major Stefanie Honsberg) of the Germany and Lithuania Territory (with Poland).

21 participants aged between 17 and 77 met to deepen their faith and find out how they could be more like Jesus. Through lectures, group discussions and practical exercises they learned how sanctification in daily life is possible.


At the climax of the seminar, during the holiness meeting held on the Saturday evening, the Holy Spirit enabled the preacher and translator, Serguiz, to work as a unit. In a subsequent moment of consecration, almost all the participants touched the altar as a visible sign of their devotion to God and their desire to live a holy life, which is possible only through dependence on God.

The testimony of a participant the next day witnessed to the power of the Holy Spirit. She confessed that for more than 60 years she had negative feelings upon hearing the German language. It caused her inner distress, but she could not fight against it. Germans had killed her parents during the war, in Poland, when she was still a child. However, she went on to describe that during that particular evening at the altar, God graced her with peace so that she could become reconciled to her past and to the German people.

Following the testimony, there was a spontaneous embrace of the ‘former enemies’. It was a poignant moment, a holy moment.

(Reported in German by Major Stefanie Honsberg / Translated by Major Philippa Smale)