The Salvation Army’s Prayer Cell Centre located in Nagercoil, India South Eastern Territory was inaugurated in 2010 after the Secretary for Spiritual Life Development of the territory, Major Sahari Das James attended Come to the Table (an event for Secretaries for Spiritual Life Development).  The gathering was held at the International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development in London that same year and inspired him to return home and establish a specific location for continuous prayer.


The Centre has become a place of reference within the community and is open daily for prayer and counselling. Major Deisy James is the Prayer Cell Coordinator and is one of the main people responsible for interceding for those who come with spiritual, physical, emotional and financial needs. Prayer requests are also received via the telephone and letters.

Major Sahari Das shares one of the many stories of people who have benefited from this house of prayer: “A woman came to us very sorrowful and said her eldest son was experiencing chest pains. My wife prayed with her and after a few months the son was cured. This same woman now attends The Salvation Army”.

The Centre is also a reference for spiritual development and growth. Major Sahari Das believes that a number of factors have contributed to the  increase of the general prayer life of Salvationists around the territory, due to the Prayer Centre, but also to the implementation of monthly prayer and fasting days, spiritual life development training, the increase of local prayer cells and the participation in the Worldwide Prayer Meeting.

The territory also has approximately 25 divisional prayer cell coordinators distributed among the 9 divisions and 5 districts, who are responsible for holding local prayer meetings and events.

This year the Prayer Centre hopes to engage with non-stop prayer as it joins the Global Call to 24-7 Prayer – a day and night cry for justice and calls Salvationists to join in within the territory.