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October 2011 - Edition 04



Dear Friends,

In this month's edition our main article reflects on the spirituality and spiritual formation of Salvationists; you can access the link to The Salvation Army's new Vision Plan and download one of a series of prayer CDs produced by the USA Eastern Territory.

We would also like to introduce and welcome Lieut-Colonel Carolynne Chung who has succeeded Lieut-Colonel Karen Shakespeare as Assistant to the Secretary for Spiritual Life Development.

Carolynne is originally from the USA Eastern Territory but has been serving at IHQ for the past 3 years with her husband Lieut-Colonel Ed Chung, who is Chief International Auditor. Her most recent appointments have been Executive Assistant to Colonel Birgitte Brekke in the organisation of the World Youth Convention in 2010 and in the past year she has been the editor of Revive magazine.

God bless,

Lieut-Colonels Janet Munn & Carolynne Chung
Centre for Spiritual Life Development
London, UK


Salvationist spirituality and spiritual formation

Territorial Ecumenical Officer for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland and member of the International Spiritual Life Commission, Major John Read analyses the influence and identity of Salvationist spirituality and spiritual formation.

Click here to read the article.


General Linda Bond launches International Vision

vision planOne Army, One Mission, One Vision is at the heart of the vision for the international Salvation Army. The statement is brought to life through the Vision which includes 12 International Mission Priorities. Access the link, watch the General speak at the launch of the Vision and read all about it.


Online Prayer CDs

vast army The USA Eastern Territory has a series of prayer CDs which you can download and pray with individually or corporately. The issues vary from prayers for Salvation Army leaders, children and youth, unity, revival, praise etc. Click here to access the recordings.



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