A New Year’s conference united 200 young Salvationists from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands in Jeløya (eastern part of Norway) from 29th December – 1st January.

The conference consisted in workshops, Bible studies and worship services with the aim of helping the youth grow in their faith. This year’s theme was Reflect, based on Psalm 119:15 “I will study your commandments and reflect on you ways” (NLT).

The aim was to challenge the young people to follow Jesus no matter what it costs, follow his ways, focus on his Word and reflect him in their everyday lives.

A normal day at Reflect kicked off with worship after breakfast and prayer for the day. After the Bible study participants were able to attend a different variety of workshops such as “Hearing God’s voice”, “Faith defense”, “Self-image – what does the Bible say versus the world?”, “Calling” and “Prayer”. In between sessions there was time for different social activities and sports and the evenings concluded with a worship service.

One of the main highlights of the Conference was New Year’s Eve. There was a great celebration with a show night, games, fireworks and then a praise party. The young people prayed together, worshipped and danced their way into 2014. Some were saved, others said “yes” to God’s calling and many decided to reflect Jesus in their everyday life in 2014!


The final prayer the young people took part in was:

Dear Jesus, 

You who see me and know me.

Would you come into my heart and clean up a bit?

Help me to make more space for you.

Help me to deal with all the times someone has hurt me, and help me to  forgive them.

Take away all the old dust and dirt that might stand in the way for you.

Cleanse me from the inside and make me whole so my heart may shine 

so I can reflect you.



Nína Kristín Óskarsdóttir

Youth and Children’s Ministries

Norway, Iceland and The Faeroes Territory


Photos: Friederike Bach