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Online 24-7 prayer unites young Salvationists

In April 2012, a group of 12-35 year olds, most of them Zimbabwean Salvationists living in the United Kingdom formed the group J Generation, meeting together in gatherings but mainly on the social media website Facebook. One of the leaders Soldier Jasper Meda explains more:

“The ‘J’ comes from the life of Joseph that we read in Genesis and Exodus. He was an immigrant into Egypt and like him we sometimes come under similar pressure with living in a foreign land. Our main aim is to reassure young people that at the end of it all they can rise up from the clay and the dust and become youth of distinction wherever they are.

We started with 24-7 prayer online in response to an illness issue with one of our members. The idea of prayer came to support the family. Being young people we thought it would be easy to do it online, so different youths were appointed to pray specific hours for the issue. After each person prayed, they would share on the J Generation’s facebook page a Bible verse or a prayer that may have inspired them as a means of encouragement to others and the person who was prayed for.

More recently there are other issues we have been praying about like relationships between parents and children, identity and how we as Zimbabweans can integrate into British culture.

We have had positive feedback from parents who say the youth would excuse themselves from everything else and go to a quiet place when it was their time to pray. But the main benefits have been spiritual growth for the young people themselves. What I hear is that there has been a change in behaviour, in response to prayer, an increase in young people going to church. And all of that came out of 24-7 prayer where young people decided they were going to make prayer the central issue in their lives”.