General Linda Bond
International Headquarters


Commissioner Sue Swanson
World President of Women's Ministries
International Headquarters

My first identity as a Jesus follower is that as a soldier of Christ. God has allowed me the joy of being with soldiers all over the world. We are 'One Army'! It is such a privilege to hear and share our common, yet unique, stories. These testimonies to God's faithfulness make the living out of his story so powerful. I treasure the thought of sharing together as fellow soldiers in the Great Salvation War.


Commissioner Lalkiamlova
International Secretary for South Asia
International Headquarters

I was born into an Army family. At the age of ten I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour.  When I was called by God, I was a Freedom Fighter for Mizoram. I then worked as a Soldier of the Cross for three years prior to joining the ‘Light Bringers' Session in 1970. I was Commissioned in 1971. My work amongst blind people for five years made a deep and lasting impression on my life and I still assist in producing Braille literature. A later appointment as Self-Support Secretary also had a deep rooted effect on me and I still teach on this subject. My expectations are that the Lord will revive me and all of God's people. That we will all rejoice and find new strength in him. I anticipate and expect a revival of the Spirit of Soul Saving to, once again, sweep the Army world. 


Colonel Janet Munn
Secretary for Spiritual Life Development and Associate Principal
Centre for Spiritual Life Development and International College for Officers

I am thrilled to be a part of the first ever International College for Soldiers (ICS) - a dream that has been alive for many years, and is now coming to fruition! I believe the Lord is strongly and deeply at work in this generation of Salvationists, and desires to send a fresh outpouring of his Spirit - a baptism of holiness leading to revival and societal transformation.  And the ICS is a small but valuable part of that being realized. During the ICS I anticipate tremendous comradery as Salvationists, expanded understanding of our theology, history and mission, and encounter with the living God, that marks us for eternity.


Colonel Richard Munn
International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development

'Soldiers must know, before going into battle, how the little battle they are to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of their fighting will influence the battle as a whole.' So said General Montgomery.
What was said for military warfare is equally true for The Salvation Army today. This International College for Soldiers will give front line personnel a once-in-a-lifetime worldwide perspective, a view of the global theatre of operations. I believe these 26 troops will never be the same again; and, our Army will be immeasurably strengthened as a result.
We will engage in worship, fight with fervent prayer and strategize with shrewdness. And, in less than 2 weeks God will forge a fighting force - one which will be our collective privilege to be counted amongst. I'm looking forward to the action.



Major Hannelise Tvedt
Assistant Program Secretary
United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland Territory

God has been good to me all my life. For me, faith in God is like breathing. It comes naturally and I could not live without God in my life. Through the difficult times in my life with loss, illness and sorrow I have learned to lean on him, and I trust He is love. I also believe we are made in his image and therefore have a human capacity for development. This capacity makes every human being able to care, to change, to live in community and to hope. During the ICS I trust God will show His plan for every delegate, and that this plan will include involvement in other people's lives and development. To see God at work we need to be in touch with the community around us. God is already out there and he asks us to join him. By showing we care, they will know he cares.


Major Miriam Óskarsdóttir
Assistant Corps Officer, Visby Corps
Sweden and Latvia Territory

I am an Icelandic officer in the Salvation Army. I have worked mainly in Iceland and Panama, but also Norway and Sweden. I speak many languages: Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish and English. I love to sing and lead worship. What I love the most is to see how God works as I worship and/or sing for people, be it in a crowd or by a hospital bed, even when a person is leaving to be with the Lord. Right now, God is drawing me into a deeper, more intimate relationship with himself and teaching me to trust him more and more. For the ICS I trust God will draw us closer to him, calling us, his soldiers into Holiness and Service, making us fit for the battle. As the glory of Jesus to be revealed his anointing will break the yoke.



Major Janet Robson
Programme Secretary
International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development



Major Daniel Kasuso
Business Secretary
International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development

My memory goes back to 2004 when I was an ICO delegate. God revealed himself to me in a mighty way. I had opportunities to fellowship, worship and pray with my fellow delegates. As a delegate of the ICS, I know you are going to experience the same. Our Army needs strong soldiers who are able to stand firm for the battle.

The Second 'CALL' from the Spiritual Life Commission states, 'We call Salvationists worldwide to a renewed and relevant proclamation of God and close attention to the Word of God, and to a quick and steady obedience to the radical demands of the word upon Salvationists personally, and upon our Movement corporately.' May I ask you to revisit this call and think through it during this period. 

I pray that God will equip you and prepare you for the battle ahead.



Major Tracey Kasuso
Personnel Secretary
International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development 



Captain David Williamson
Division Youth Officer
South and Mid-Wales Division
United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland Territory

It's an immense privilege to be called by God to serve as a Salvation Army Officer.  I praise God for His faithfulness and His provision.  The International College for Soldiers will be a spiritually significant time as Salvationists from across the world gather.  My prayer is that as we study God's Word, spend focused time in prayer and express our faith in practical ways that we'll each have a new and deeper experience of God.


Dr Roger Green
Professor of Biblical Studies, Gordon College
USA Eastern Territory

It is easy to begin with my expectations for the ICS because I have been praying and working toward the establishment of the ICS for nearly thirty years. I envisioned this being modelled after the International College for Officers, but of a shorter duration, perhaps a couple of weeks. So I anticipate that our time together will be an enriching time as we pursue our life together as Salvationists in the city that gave birth to our Army. This will be a time of deepening our knowledge of the Scriptures, and of our own history and theology in ways that will prepare us to be leaders in the Kingdom of God through the Army.  God enriches my life in completely unexpected ways daily, and I look forward to even greater things as I participate in the International College for Soldiers.


Mr Phil Wall
United Kindom with the Republic of Ireland Territory


Stephanie Parker Chagas
Assistant to the Secretary for Spiritual Life Development
Brazil Territory

I came to the Centre for Spiritual Life Development in January 2011 to work as an intern. I have recently been employed in my new role and feel excited and privileged to be part of the team of the ICS. I am eager to see what God is going to do during this time and believe that the opportunity this group of Salvationists is having to come together for profound study of the Word, prayer, nurturing of their relationship with God and practical mission is of extreme importance not only for themselves but for the present and future of The Salvation Army. My prayer is that the delegates may be totally open to what these days have in store and grasp all that they can, giving their wholehearted attention and energy to every second they will be here. May this be the first of many more to come!


Annie Carter
Intern at the Centre for Spiritual Life Development
USA Southern Territory

I am so blessed that the Lord has brought me to London as an intern at the Centre for Spiritual Life Development this year - especially because I'll be here to experience the first ever ICS session in Salvation Army history! My heart breaks to see young adults leave the Church and longs to see our generation rise up in the Army world. I can hardly wait to spend two weeks with other young adult Salvationists from all over the world and see the Lord move so powerfully through us, as I know he will. My prayer is that this will spark a revolution within our generation in The Salvation Army!