While the Global Call to 24-7 Prayer - A Day and Night Cry for Justice seeks to be an ongoing prayer initiative, there are already several Salvation Army centres with a sense of vision and calling to become Houses of Prayer (SA-HOP) - places where the fire of intercession never goes out and where God makes himself at home according to Isaiah 56:7 ' house will be called a house of prayer for all nations'.

Delegates of the International College for Soldiers spent one Sunday evening setting up The Cedars as a House of Prayer – transforming several rooms into prayer rooms centred on the Kingdom of God and the Vision Plan, with multiple, interactive prayer stations in each room of the house. The evening was spent in a time of personal prayer, as delegates were given the opportunity to visit each prayer room throughout the house. 


Delegates also gathered for a corporate time of prayer for several hours into the night until midnight. Colonel Janet Munn and Major Janet Robson (ICO/CSLD) explored the theme of ‘Warfare,’ and challenged delegates to share their 'I’ll fight…' promises and prayers flowing out of their shared Soldiers’ Covenant, while Major Miriam Oskarsdottir (Sweden and Latvia) directed delegates in a time of listening to God and speaking words of affirmation and blessing to each other. 


Sunday also marked the beginning of 24-7 prayer, when delegates and staff signed up to take part in the Global Call to 24-7 prayer, a day and night cry of justice. The prayer room was used non-stop until Tuesday morning.


Delegates participate in the 'Kingdom of God' Prayer Room. Justice was a focus in the 'One Mission' Prayer Room. Delegates pray in the 'One Army' Prayer Room.


The 'One Message' Prayer Room encouraged delegates to contemplate on spreading Christ's message of grace. Colonel Janet Munn leads delegates in Warfare prayer during the Half-Night of Prayer.