Delegates from the Americas and Caribbean Zone:


Rebecca Minaker
Canada and Bermuda Territory

Having been raised in a loving, Christian, Salvationist home, I have always been submersed in and exposed to the Salvation Army. I understood early what it means to endure the trials and rewards of leadership and responsibility.  While I accepted Christ into my life as a young child, it was my commitment to my responsibilities and investments in the Salvation Army that led me to my true belief in Jesus Christ and His saving grace. I believe that it is our responsibility and our calling to be in relationship, without prejudice or judgment, with those who need to know that same grace. I look forward to all the ICS has in store for me and hope that it will be a renewing and refreshing experience - one that will re-awaken and re-inspire my longing for Christ and His work.


Janelle Gibson
Caribbean Territory

I am a young lady who loves the Lord and is passionate about youth ministry. I like to laugh and hang out with friends and family when I can find the time. My love for people and my desire to assist with their development are some of the reasons why I enjoy working in the Human Resource Management field. Since I have given my life completely to God, I have proven his faithfulness on numerous occasions. He has given me a new heart and I am learning forgiveness and patience - the two areas in my life I struggled with most. As a delegate to ICS, I hope to move to a new level in my relationship with God, develop and sharpen skills needed in Ministry and encourage other delegates attending ICS as I am encouraged. I also hope learn more about the Salvation Army and its work around the world.

yesica Yesica Paola Portela Marinez
Latin America North Territory

God is all in my life! I am working very hard to reach young people who are lost in this world and without God. The Salvation Army is the way I do this. Since I was child, I know and live in God's way. I serve God all time with children, youth and adults. I am the youth sergeant in my corps and there we show people that God's love is for everybody. Now God and The Salvation Army are giving me the opportunity to travel as a delegate to ICS in London! I want to share what is happening not only in my corps and territory, but also in my country of Colombia. I want to meet people who serve God too, and I know that my life will receive a great blessing to share in my country.


Betsabe Camillo Cerezo
Mexico Territory

I was born in a Salvationist family and I always felt God has a plan for my life.  I love to serve Him with kids, because they are the future.  I know that the Lord has a special plan for my life and now that I have this opportunity to attend this International College for Soldiers, I will have the chance to confirm my faith in God and meet people from other countries and cultures, which will be a great blessing.  I know that we will share a lot of experiences about how God has been good to us in our lives.


Pamela Carolina Torres Miranda
South America West Territory


If I had to describe my life with God in a phrase, I will have to say "I' am a new creature". God changed my life in every way. Before I knew him I was immersed in bad and darks thoughts and feelings, that just pushed me away from people who love me. But since a met God all this disappeared. He brought peace and joy to my life, set his sights on me and blessed me with gifts and talents that I never imagined. I can say that God is hope, because I have experienced, no longer afraid because he is bigger than any problem. And even if the proof is difficult, all things work together for good. What are my expectations as a delegate to ICS? I just hope in God. He never stops to surprise and bless my life.


Jon Quatela
USA Eastern Territory

In the last few months God has been working in my life in a special way. I've been reading a book about the life of David, and it has been awesome to learn about his struggles and how he was a man of God. I read a chapter a week and meet with a friend to talk about it. Being able to pray for each other and talk about our struggles has been such a blessing. I recently began working at my corps as a music director. This gives me the opportunity to ministry to people in my corps community and keep working with the young people at the corp. I've been at the corps for the last 6 years. I didn't realize that Manhattan Citadel would be such a special place. It doesn't get any better than being able to minister at my corp trough the music program. God is working in a powerful way!


Elizabeth Blusiewicz
USA Southern Territory

Hello, I am Liz Blusiewicz from Baltimore, Maryland. Since an early age God has been working in my heart to live out his greatest commandment, to love. God is showing me how to love every aspect of life; from people, to conflicts, right down to the place where God has chosen for me to live. This love relationship started to manifest itself in college when God provided an opportunity for me to travel to Mexico with The Salvation Army. It was there that I fell in love with The Salvation Army by seeing God's Church preach the gospel using everything God gave them for his glory! I wanted to be a part of this, so on May 22, 2011, I became a soldier in The Salvation Army. I pray that ICS will give me yet another opportunity to learn of God's love and how to live by love each day.