Delegates from the Africa Zone:


wilson Wilson Ndhlovu
Malawi Territory

My name Wilson Ndhlovu. I am the fourth born son of six. I was raised in a Christian family and my mother is an officer. I am doing community development and working with Salvation Army in that field. In all this I give God the praise. We all know that God loves us, and we should be the happiest people on earth because of it! I have a love for music as an art! I am passionate about sharing my love for God with others and I love being involved in ministry of different kinds. I believe that we are all called to be ministers in everything we do and everything we say in order to reflect Jesus to those around us.



Rabelani Musisinyane
Southern Africa Territory


I am a young man at the age of 29, graduated from university, and have receive Jesus Christ as my Saviour. I am enrolled as CYS at the William Eadie Corps Northern Division. God is using me in young people ministries. He is also inspiring me to teach the word of God and to tithe in our corps and the whole division.