sharleneLet’s step out of our comfort zone!

This day started as usual with a wonderful breakfast and the time to put in God’s hands our missions outside The Cedars. We had a beautiful time, praying for each group, three in total. We were then dispatched between to Whitechapel/Stepney, Clapton and Notting Hill Corps.

I was part of the first group. At Whitechapel, Captains Nick and Kerry Coke were waiting for us. Friday was the International Day for Peace so we were invited to attend a special service at the East End Mosque. What an opportunity to benefit from the presence of ICS delegates from around the world to go in the mosque giving our testimony in full uniform! It was a privilege to be so visible. We also shared in delicious spicy dishes with Muslims, Jews and Sikh also present.

Later, we went to the William Booth statue to encounter people, talk with them and pray with them.

After a quick debrief at Booth House, a Salvation Army's men's hostel, we shared dinner with the residents. It was such an experience to listen to the stories of these homeless people. We learnt a lot.

Back at The Cedars, we shared with the two other groups our feelings, what to improve, what we learnt. At this moment, I discovered that the group from Clapton had participated in a barbecue with people from the Corps and the community and had engaged in activities with children and youth. The group from Notting Hill had had the opportunity to talk to people in the drop in, distribute hot drinks on the street, pray walk the community and help someone find Jesus!

At the end, we all agreed on the fact that we all contributed with our small actions to the bigger plan of God for these people we encountered. To God be the glory!

Sharlene Saba
France and Belgium Territory