synoToday has been a long but great day. It all started with us joining in the Worldwide Prayer Meeting. It has been nice to participate in such a prayer meeting, knowing that when we finish someone else is continuing in another part of the world. The morning continued after breakfast with our usual morning prayers where our focus was upon blessing the Lord. What a great way to start the day!

Today there has been a overlaying theme of being pioneers for Jesus. It all started off with the International Secretary for the South Asia Zone Commissioner Lalkiamlova talking about The Salvation Army in Mizoram, India and his own personal experiences. He was a big inspiration and one could not be anything else than astonished over the work he has done for The Salvation Army and for God in India. He experienced troubled and hard times and still continued in the name of God knowing that there were people who where worse off than him and who needed Christ.

We continued the day with another lecture, Rhythm of Prayer led by Colonel Janet Munn. The theme was on listening prayer, what channels God has used to communicate with His people throughout history and how He is talking to us today.

We finished the day with a visit from Salvationist Phil Wall who challenged us on leadership. Focusing on how we can 'brand' ourselves. In other words, what we want to be known for, how we want to be perceived and how to minimise the gap between what we want to portray and what we actually portray. It was very interesting and inspiring.

All in all it has been a good day and being able to hang out with the other delegates and talk together in the breaks is as always great. We are getting along very well and the evenings are getting longer and longer, but we have a lot of fun together!

Looking forward to a challenging and interesting day tomorrow in the streets of London.

Synnøve Ørsnes
Norway, Iceland and the Faeroes Territory