pamelaThis day was complete! We started the day with Morning Prayers guided by Captain David Williamson. It was such a blessed time! We had an interesting  lesson from the life of David taught by Commissioner Sue Swanson, who with all her joy taught us a very dynamic way to study the Bible. Then Colonel Richard Munn called us to holiness and to take the important steps we must to achieve it.

After lunch we did a tour at IHQ and had a reception with the Chief of the Staff Commissioner Barry Swason. What a beautiful place and the people who work there are very friendly. The General is so humble and let us takes pictures at her desk, that was such an honour!!

Then we went to St Paul’s Cathedral, a beautiful building with unique architecture and many stairs, but the view was worth it.

Finally we went to the London Eye, what an experience! And it was even better to experience it with my worldwide ICS brothers and sisters!

Certainly a very blessed day.

Pamela Carolina Torres Miranda
South America West Territory