adielWe kicked off Sunday in the presence of the Holy Spirit during our morning meeting. General Linda Bond spoke with clarity and conviction about the vision for a spirit-filled Army, active on a worldwide front, to win the world for Jesus. She used the Acts 2 scripture to inspire and challenge us to move forward in faith. She reminded us to be Jesus-centered, personally as well as corporately, to study the Bible for wisdom, guidance and examples of faith in action and to be on our knees as an army of prayer. We would continue to take up the prayer challenge during the rest of our Sunday.

One thing which stood out for me personally during our Sunday meeting was the challenge to engage in the community. To be Spirit-filled and having that flow into the neighbourhoods where we live, work and serve and minister.

Then, as ICS delegates we rebuilt the entire Cedars house into a House of Prayer. The lecture room, reception room, library and lounge area were transformed into prayer rooms, each bearing a different theme and multiple prayer stations.

Although it was an individual journey through the stations in the house, it felt to me like a corporate movement of prayer, as a body of believers and soldiers, together, as we worshipped and prayed individually.

One station exemplified this specifically, for me it was the ultimate sign of unity in personal prayer: a cup of water, representing a personal prayer, was poured out in a large bowl. More and more cups of water were added to the bowl as it was filled with personal prayers. All personal, yet together undistinguishable from one another lifted up to God in unity.

I was touched and moved by the many post-it note prayers on the map of world. And more prayer from the ICS started on Sunday with the Global Call to 24-7 prayer, a day and night cry of justice. The prayer room will be used non-stop until Tuesday!

Warfare was the theme for Sunday night in our half night of prayer which ended at midnight. Colonel Janet Munn and Major Janet Robson helped us explore this theme where we were challenged to share our 'I’ll fight…' promises and prayers. We were able to do Warfare Prayer, and it stirred my heart, mind and soul to be surrounded by the voices and prayers of my fellow warriors. Engaging in prayer for and into issues in my immediate sphere of prayer influence was liberating, purposeful and effective!

God moved and poured out rich blessings!

Adiël Vader 
Netherlands and the Czech Republic Territory