danneThe grace of God has been evident around us.

Wow! God’s steadfast love and faithfulness is new every morning. It’s the 5th day of the International College for Soldiers. Another day of excitement for such amazing things I believe God is doing in my life and in the lives of all the delegates. Though a bit tired, we were able to get some sleep after last night’s awesome London Tour. We got even more excited for Dr Green’s final lectures on the Kingdom of God and the Doctrine of Holiness through the life of our great founders William and Catherine Booth.

We had another great breakfast! Special thanks to the cool cooking staff, and greater thanksgiving to God for his rich provision for everyone.

As water is to physical life, so prayer is to spiritual life. It was another great opportunity to lift up our voices and prayers to God, as we were powerfully led by Major Miriam. The song 'Bless the Lord, O my Soul, all that is within me' energized and refreshed our spirit. Afterward, we uttered prayers of intercession for London and its people. Truly God uses prayers placed in the hearts and mouths  of His saints to be used to accomplish His great purposes.

Dr Roger Green resumed his lectures on The Kingdom of God and Jesus’ Interpretation of the Law. It was our great delight learning how the Law brings sin to light and drives us to God. It was such wisdom from above knowing that we are saved by the grace of Christ. It is because of his unconditional love for us, exactly as we are, apart from our own effort.

Dr Green stressed out that the work of the Kingdom is the work to which the Salvationists were called. (Matthew 22:37-38). I am so glad I’m a part of God’s Kingdom. Then, he talked on Catherine Booth and the Doctrine of Holiness. I was so amazed how this woman lived in the fullness of love and of full surrender to her King. She has been a manifestation that everyone could achieve perfection through loyalty to God, complete obedience, trust and sanctification.

After eating our lunch, we had a great time for some questions and clarifications on Dr Green’s lectures in an informal question-and-answer time. That was a wonderful sharing of wisdom from a great man of God.

During the Zonal Night, we had an incredible time with people from around the world sharing cultures, faith and vision for the Salvation Army. It was a night filled with cheers, happiness, pride, love for God and undying hope for the world.

To God be all the glory, honour and power!

Dannie Osorio
Philippines Territory