bethThis morning we rose early to join with people round the world in the General’s Global Call to Prayer. We followed the General’s vision statement for One Army, One Message and One Mission and it was great to unite together to sing 'Greater things are yet to come and greater things are yet to be done in this Army.' Morning prayers followed breakfast and Stephanie Chagas challenged us to raise our voices over issues that concern us in our own country and in our own situations.

The morning’s Bible study with Dr Roger Green followed the series of talks on the Kingdom of God and today focused on how this is revealed in the parables and miracles of Jesus. Later our small group times would allow us to discuss this further, considering some of our favourite parables and what they can teach us about the Kingdom of God. The second session again focused on Catherine Booth but this time in relation to her role in promoting women in ministry in the Salvation Army. We heard stories and letters from her ministry and we were all inspired to hear about her passion and conviction about this issue.

This afternoon allowed us to examine another Rhythm of Prayer, brought to us by Colonel Richard Munn who talked about his own experience using Circles of Influence. We each got the chance to take time by ourselves to put this new type of prayer into action and it was helpful for us to understand more about the discipline and creativity that can be found in prayer.

The evening consisted of another 'Tell your Story' slot which allowed us to hear testimonies from Jon, Janelle, Kiyoshi, Dorothy, Rabelani and Chris. This time has been really special over the last few days as we get to know each other better and share our own experiences and stories from back home.

Finally, we were able to take the chance of doing a quick tour of the London sights this evening in two of the minibuses here at The Cedars. Richard and David proved to be great tour guides and taxi drivers and managed to let us jump out quickly to see the London Eye, Westminster, Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral and IHQ. Everyone loved this chance to see a bit more of the city but we were all ready to come back to get some sleep before another busy day tomorrow!

Bethany Parker
United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland Territory