This morning began with pancakes and Nutella for breakfast. Afterwards we met for an inspiring prayer meeting led by Colonel Janet Munn, with worship and a time to be silent in God's presence. We began our series of challenging Bible study classes with Dr Roger Green about the nature of the Kingdom of God, and later a class learning more about Catherine Booth and social work.

debbieDuring tea break we chatted and got to know each other better over a nice cup of tea. After lunch, we met in our small groups to reflect and discuss the material from our Bible study with Dr Green. We were given the opportunity to take some personal reflection time in the afternoon. For dinner, we had some delicious hot dogs! Then came a very special time of 'Tell Your Story', where more delegates were about to share their testimonies.

As we snacked on some chips later in the evening, we continued to talk and laugh with each other as the rain came down outside. A fantastic day, and more is yet to come…

Debora Nufer
Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory