laurenceAfter a much needed night's sleep, the ICS began in earnest this morning with a hearty breakfast for all, a morning run (for some!), and an unwritten test for each delegate as they attempted to recall some of the 25 other names that had been presented to them the night before! The morning progressed into a communal time of worship and prayers, which proved to be a great way to kickstart the day and to begin as we mean to continue: to dedicate all that we do to God.

Colonel Janet Munn then led us in a time of focused introspection on the topic of prayer, specifically about 'Praying the Bible'. This involved group participation, occasionally taking the delegates out of their comfort zones, to try and embrace prayer from new perspectives – mostly revolving around speaking various passages of the Bible aloud, to oneself or to each other. A brief discussion after this served to show how personal prayer preferences differ from one man (or woman) to the next. Some people found the techniques to be vivid and helpful in immersing themselves in the spoken word, whereas other found it a little distracting and even a bit too busy to fully engage on a spiritual level.

We then broke for lunch where we began to realise how blessed the ICS is with amazing cooking staff (this was confirmed at dinner!), before returning to the meeting room to start the afternoon session. We were quickly introduced to a number of new concepts, namely the zonal nights that will make an appearance later this week, and also to the 24/7 prayer movement that we’ll be taking part in early next week! In the evening we gathered to hear testimony from six of the delegates in 'Tell Your Story' – it was inspiring to hear about some of the emotive and extraordinary things being done around the world by God's supposedly ordinary people! It was a real high to end the day on before winding down for another night's rest to prepare for the full-on days ahead.

Laurence Pallant
United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland Territory